New & Part Worn Tyres

New & Part Worn

We sell major branded: Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Avon, Continental, Firestone, etc.

We’re supported by the biggest merchant of tires in the UK which implies we stock tires to fit basically any make and model of vehicle. Regardless of whether you are searching for vehicle tires, van tires or SUV tires, we have the right ones to accommodate your vehicle.

Our tyres are available in a wide scope of choices from runflat tyres to supported models intended to adapt to additional heaps and at a cost to suit your pocket. Pick budget tyres from our spending range or select from premium brands including Pirelli and Goodyear for maximum securtiy and safety.

Part Worn Tyres.

Part worn tyres experts J & A Motors have probably the best arrangement on pristine and part worn tyres just as combination wheels. Combination wheels repair by Diamond cutting or splash painted. Wide scope of tyres and wheels sets at a serious cost.

We stock large number of part worn tyres for your vehicle, 4×4 or business vehicle for a portion of the expense of new tyres. Capacity to give a quick and proficient portable help for tyre fixes, new and part worn tire substitution, minor and significant versatile unit composite wheel fixes, conveyance and fitting portable units on hours notice and supply, convey and fit fresh out of the box new combination wheels to yours or our pristine or part worn tyres. J and A Motors have economical however top notch budget tyres. Winter tyres now in stock!

Tracking & Wheel Alignment

If your tyres are wearing unevenly, if your car is pulling or you have a crooked steering wheel.

The chances are your car is suffering from misalignment. But you cannot always tell just by looking – so get it checked out.

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Common Faq

most question asked

We have a deep passion to the industry from which we have accumulated decades of experience over time, which in turn enables us to provide you with the very best level of service.

Yes, we have a high demand of vehicles coming in for a MOT service and we have limited amount of DVSA Approved testers to cover all the vehicles in the time period provided, therefore MOT’s must be pre-booked in advance.

Yes, we have fully trained expert in house technicians who are able to undertake any type of Mechanical work from a car to a truck, we are able to overcome in vehicle issue with a proper resolution.

Besides being professional in the Mechanical Industry, we provide various other services which is essential during performing MOT test as there may be certain aspects of the vehicle that require attention prior to performing the MOT test in order to comply with the regulations.