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Your car service will be performed by qualified technicians, using professional tools and parts which are Manufacturer and Warranty Protected.



It’s anything but a legitimate and legal requirement that each and every individual who uses a vehicle out and about should keep it a legal roadworthy condition.

A yearly MOT check guarantees your vehicle sticks to street wellbeing and natural guidelines set out by the public authority and to guarantee we keep you protected and legitimate out and about we suggest you book your MOT test with us. We have full time DVSA designated MOT testers who will have your vehicle reviewed and back out and about quickly.

All are completely qualified professionals and will offer free help with your MOT test as well as will offer master guidance on fixes, adjusting and support for your vehicle.

The MOT test takes around 35 to 45 minutes and we offer some time you stand by whilst the test takes place should you wish or on the other hand, we can pick up your vehicle and return once finished (subject to appointments).

Servicing & Repairs.

we utilize state of the art equipment.

Each car service is carried out by qualified mechanics and technicians using the latest equipment.

At J & A Motors we can offer our clients a total auto bundle. All work is attempted by exceptionally prepared specialists who comprehend the intricacies of vehicle designing from exemplary vehicles to cutting edge innovative motors. Moreover, we have our own crash repairs focus where we can oversee fixes straightforwardly with your insurance agency, we work an every day valeting and leaving administration and we buy and sell vehicles. At J and A Motors we are completely prepared and prepared to embrace electrical and mechanical fixes to all makes and models of vehicles and can ensure that all works are done to the most noteworthy of norms.

Each car service is carried out by qualified mechanics and technicians using the latest equipment.

We have a completely furnished workshop with the most recent vehicle symptomatic gear and innovation where we embrace a wide scope of overhauling programs (did to makers’ particulars and guarantee agreeable), routine support checks, electrical and mechanical fixes, electrical demonstrative work, MOT’s, tyre fitting/repair, wheel tracking/alignment, wheel renovation, sound and innovation establishments, glass fix and cooling re-gas. It’s soothing to realize that individuals who fix and keep up your vehicle were prepared by individuals that assembled it. Regardless of whether it’s another or utilized vehicle, we can assist you with keeping your vehicle moving along as expected; financially and effectively, diminishing wear and broadening the existence of the vehicle.


Instant Diagnostic Check costs with track down the best arrangement in London.

No forthright enlistment required, basically enter your enrollment number and postcode, think about costs, pick J & A Motors which is located in Seven Kings and book your Diagnostic Check.

Pay on the Day

You can track down the best arrangement in your space and you will not pay a penny until the entirety of the work is finished, so, all in all you will pay the garage straightforwardly.

A demonstrative look at is carried on your vehicle by a technician, who will plug your vehicle into a particular code reader. It can recognize issues with your vehicle which might be hard to spot physically.

A demonstrative check is vital as it’s anything but an expected issue with your vehicle, even before a breakdown.

The modernized gear examines your vehicle’s framework to check for any deficiencies, regardless of how minor or major. A demonstrative test is a speedy, simple and precise approach to find any flaws and will allow you the opportunity to sort them out before they transform into greater and more costly issues. At the point when your vehicle has a flaw, this may show as a notice light on the dashboard. On the off chance that the light goes out the framework will store the shortcoming code so the garage will discover this when they do the indicative check.

New & Part Worn.

we will find any problems in your tyre & break.

We’re supported by the biggest merchant of tires in the UK which implies we stock tires to fit basically any make and model of vehicle.

Regardless of whether you are searching for vehicle tires, van tires or SUV tires, we have the right ones to accommodate your vehicle.

Our tyres are available in a wide scope of choices from runflat tyres to supported models intended to adapt to additional heaps and at a cost to suit your pocket. Pick budget tyres from our spending range or select from premium brands including Pirelli and Goodyear for maximum securtiy and safety.

Part worn tyres experts J & A Motors have probably the best arrangement on pristine and part worn tyres just as combination wheels.

Despite the fact that we seem, by all accounts, to be a little Tyre Shop we have a little team of expert force behind our administrations on offer. We are set up to handle any issues identified with car and van tyres, haggles.

We sell major branded: Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Avon, Continental, Firestone, etc. 

Tracking/Wheel Alignment.

At J and A Motors, we offer both four wheel alignment and wheel tracking services.

At J and A Motors, we offer free vehicle wheel alignment checks for our customers as we care for your vehicle.

Utilizing the most recent laser wheel alignment innovation, our professionals will review each tyre to guarantee it is situated accurately, assisting with keeping up your vehicle and protect you while you’re all over town on the streets. During this interaction, we ensure that your vehicle’s wheels are set to the ideal situation according to one another and the street surface. Your wheels ought to be situated as expressed in the rules set by the vehicle maker. Guaranteeing your vehicle’s tyres are effectively adjusted can help upgrade your driving experience and wellbeing while you’re in the driver’s seat.

Taking your vehicle or van for standard wheel alignment checks is a significant piece of vehicle upkeep.

Over the long haul, your wheels can get skewed, which thusly can make your tyres age rashly. In all actuality, wheel alignment is normal. From driving over a pothole to hitting the kerb, it can occur for various reasons. Recognizable issues brought about by poor wheel alignment remember sporadic and lopsided wear for your tyres or your vehicle pulling aside when driving on a level, straight street.

Car Wash & Valet.

we will find any problems in your tire & break.

J and A Motors in London accept that getting your vehicle a valet is about the detail.

These valet administrations require around three hours.  Your vehicle will get some truly necessary consideration and care. Each fine detail will be cleaned and reestablished. With vehicles coming out like new, in display area condition.If you need to bespoke your valet then, at that point kindly look at our bespoke enumerating administration. In the event that you love your vehicle, these are the administrations for you.

Full Valet

Delivery the internal and external magnificence of your vehicle. Vacuum any scraps away including those difficult to arrive at places and the boot. Exhaustive upholstery cleanser of seats, floor coverings, rooftop and entryway linings. In the wake of cleaning all inner surfaces are given another regular radiance. Inside windows cleaned. Preferably leave a further 2hrs for seats to dry, or plastic seats covers will be given. Delicate hand vehicle clean (incl wheels) utilizing Autoglym items and microfibre-fabrics to be delicate on your paintwork. Tire dressing applied. Autoglym Paint Renovator used to eliminate traffic film, to return the shading to its show room shimmer, prior to applying the cherry on the cake: Autoglym brilliant wax clean.

Our Promise.

To give our customers the best price and use the Manufacturers recommended OIL AND OTHER PARTS.


To provide professional customers service at all times.


To be honest and reliable.


To complete all jobs at the promised times

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