Tracking & Wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment

At J and A Motors, we offer free vehicle wheel alignment checks for our customers as we care for your vehicle.

Utilizing the most recent laser wheel alignment innovation, our professionals will review each tyre to guarantee it is situated accurately, assisting with keeping up your vehicle and protect you while you’re all over town on the streets.

During this interaction, we ensure that your vehicle’s wheels are set to the ideal situation according to one another and the street surface. Your wheels ought to be situated as expressed in the rules set by the vehicle maker. Wheel alignment is at times additionally alluded to as following. Nonetheless, note that this just includes changing the front wheels, instead of every one of the four. At J and A Motors, we offer both four wheel alignment and wheel tracking services.

The Importance Of Wheel Alignment.

Taking your vehicle or van for standard wheel alignment checks is a significant piece of vehicle upkeep. Over the long haul, your wheels can get skewed, which thusly can make your tyres age rashly.

In all actuality, wheel alignment is normal. From driving over a pothole to hitting the kerb, it can occur for various reasons. Recognizable issues brought about by poor wheel alignment remember sporadic and lopsided wear for your tyres or your vehicle pulling aside when driving on a level, straight street. Guaranteeing your vehicle’s tyres are effectively adjusted can help upgrade your driving experience, improving execution, taking care of, solace and wellbeing while you’re in the driver’s seat.

Tracking & Wheel Alignment

If your tyres are wearing unevenly, if your car is pulling or you have a crooked steering wheel.

The chances are your car is suffering from misalignment. But you cannot always tell just by looking – so get it checked out.

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We have a deep passion to the industry from which we have accumulated decades of experience over time, which in turn enables us to provide you with the very best level of service.

Yes, we have a high demand of vehicles coming in for a MOT service and we have limited amount of DVSA Approved testers to cover all the vehicles in the time period provided, therefore MOT’s must be pre-booked in advance.

Yes, we have fully trained expert in house technicians who are able to undertake any type of Mechanical work from a car to a truck, we are able to overcome in vehicle issue with a proper resolution.

Besides being professional in the Mechanical Industry, we provide various other services which is essential during performing MOT test as there may be certain aspects of the vehicle that require attention prior to performing the MOT test in order to comply with the regulations.